#BeExponential with SingularityU South Africa


Kyalami International Convention Centre
16 & 17 October 2019


Andres de Leon

Andres de Leon is known throughout Europe for his ebullient, focused management style, creating healthy and growth-oriented businesses. COO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, appointed to

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Kim Hulett

Kim has a computer science degree and is a qualified chartered accountant with a certification in International Tax. Through her background in finance, she has

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Dr. Habib Frost

Habib Frost is an Entrepreneur, Inventor, Researcher and Physician. He graduated as the youngest Medical Doctor in Denmark at the age of 23 and was

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Sivan Ya’ari

Sivan Ya’ari is the Founder and CEO of Innovation: Africa, a NY based nonprofit that brings Israeli solar, agricultural and water technologies to rural African

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Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam is a computer scientist, futurist, and award-winning author. Ramez spent 13 years at Microsoft, where he led teams developing early versions of Microsoft

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Dr. Suzanne Gildert

Suzanne is co-founder of Sanctuary AI, a company with a mission to build synthetic humans – “synths” – that are indistinguishable from us physically, cognitively

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Kris Østergaard

Kris Østergaard is the co-founder and Chief Learning & Innovation Officer of SingularityU Nordic, a country partner of Singularity University, as well as a faculty

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