Cancellation/Returns Policy 

Notification of cancellation (and request for a refund) must be made in writing and sent to the conference registration office at Mann Made Media via email (only) (a confirmation of receipt of the cancellation notice will be issued by the Organiser however the onus is on the party requesting the cancellation to obtain such from the Organiser as proof, which shall not be unreasonably delayed or withheld, without which the request will not be valid in a case of dispute) and is subject to the following terms and conditions:

All information required to identify the booking (including an electronic copy of the ticket(s) as well as proof of banking or card details for the refund) must be submitted along with proof of identification of the requesting party and requisite authorisation for such request should it be required by the party requesting the cancellation.

Cancellation fees and refunds will be made at the face value of the Ticket/Registration Fee(s).

Reasonable cancellation charges as determined by the Event Organiser may be charged and deducted from such refund. Unless otherwise stipulated by the Event Organiser and depending on the prevailing circumstances the following cancellation charges shall apply:

In case of cancellation before or on the 30th of June 2017 (Friday), a 15% cancellation charge will apply and the balance refunded;

In case of cancellation from and between the 1st of July 2017 to the 4th August 2017 (Friday), a 50% cancellation charge will apply and the balance refunded;

As of the 5th of August 2017 up until the Event (until completion and beyond), the registration/ticket fees will not be refunded; a 100% cancellation fee will apply.

If a refund is issued hereunder, it will be issued using the same method of payment that was used to purchase the tickets. If a credit card was used to make the refunded purchase, then only that actual credit card will receive the credit for the refund.

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, if you can provide us with suitable documentary proof that a person in whose name a ticket was booked will not be able to attend the event because of his/her death and/or hospitalisation, no cancellation fee will apply in respect of the cancellation of such person’s ticket.

No refunds will be given for no-shows, and the participant will be liable for the full amount due in respect of Ticketing fees.

The Event Organisers may refuse admission to events, alter the program or seating arrangements, or even postpone or cancel the Event in certain circumstances. In such case, the Event Organiser may offer a refund or exchange of tickets for which you may be required to follow certain procedures specified by the Event Organiser. No refund will apply if you are refused admission to the event because you are younger than the minimum age for attendance specified by law or you otherwise fail to qualify for attendance. Should an event be cancelled or postponed, we will provide a notice on our web site or contact you to inform you of the relevant refund or exchange procedures for that event. In order to receive any refund or an exchange that is offered, you will have to comply with the Event Organiser’s instructions and deadlines.

A registration may not be shared or transferred without the consent of the Organiser which shall be issued in writing should it be granted and the onus is on the party requesting the change to obtain such from the Organiser as proof without which the request will not be valid. Requests of this nature will not be accommodated after COB on the 18th of August 2017.

Organiser details: email: and 011 259 7120