#BeExponential with SingularityU South Africa

Murendeni Mafumo

Murendeni is a water scientist with 10 years experience working within the water and sanitation sector. He is a YALE University Mandela Washington Fellow, 2014. He started off working within the City of Cape Town as a water scientist, looking at developing systems for a city that only receives winter rains. Murendeni worked as part of a team of scientists in design and monitoring water treatment systems for the City of Cape Town . He studied chemistry at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and is currently founder of Kusini Water. Kusini Water has developed a mobile solar powered water system for water treatment. The system uses off-waste Macadamia nut shells as Activated Carbon and a locally produced membrane to produce more water using renewable energy than the current best practice of Reverse Osmosis. He sees Kusini Water as a private water utility company working within communities to significantly improve access to drinking water.